How To Take Advantage of the YouTube Algorithm to Grow Your Channel

How To Take Advantage of the YouTube Algorithm to Grow Your Channel


The YouTube algorithm to Grow your Channel has gained a lot of notoriety over the past few years. And it is one of the things that, if you are interested in making it big on YouTube, you have to have on your side. The YouTube algorithm can be the deciding factor on if and when your videos go viral and start showing up in people’s recommended section.


The algorithm can be a huge factor in the kind of growth that you see on the YouTube channel.

Development of the Algorithm


YouTube’s development of its algorithm has been a continuous process for years. Once the platform got too big for humans to handle all of the content that was being posted on it, they developed this algorithm to sort out videos and feature them in the appropriate places. There are also other facets to the algorithm, but in this blog, we will only focus on the parts that will help you get better views on your YouTube videos.


As the presence and workings of the algorithm have become more popular in the past few years, people have begun to want to take advantage of it. But many hear the word “algorithm” and think it’s something too complicated and sophisticated for them to understand and handle. While the algorithm itself is complicated, with simple research, you can find ways to make it work for your videos.


Algorithm Areas to Watch Out For


There are three main areas of the algorithm that you can exploit and make sure you optimize your videos for. These areas are essential to the working of the algorithm, and tweaking your videos according to it can be very beneficial for them.


  • Click-through Rate

The click-through rate basically means how much your video is being clicked on compared to the amount it’s being shown in people’s recommended section or other sections.

  • Engaging With the Audience

Engaging with the audience that you do have can make a huge difference. It can make them loyal subscribers and even have them recommend your channel to others. And the more a person views your channel, the more likely it is that someone who views content similar to yours will have your channel appear in their recommended.

  • Encouraging Viewers

The whole ‘like and subscribe’ routine is done for a reason. The rate and ratio at which people like your videos and subscribe to your channel can have a big effect on your channel’s presence in the context of the algorithm.

It is also a good idea to take a periodic look at your YouTube Analytics section. It displays vital information regarding your channel and the kind of people that are interacting with it. These insights are worth paying attention to because they can give you an idea of how to mold your future videos.

Some of the YouTube Algorithm To Grow Your Channel

Optimizing Your YouTube Videos

Click-bait Has Gotten Old

Yes, there was once a time when clickbait used to be a huge factor in attracting people to videos with outrageous titles and thumbnails. But that has gotten old, partly because people don’t like that kind of thing anymore. And partly because the algorithm will know what you are trying to do. So, keep things simple and elegant.

Find a Niche & Stick to It

Whether it’s gaming, films, art, or any other category, you will want to find your niche of content and stick to it. The more specific your content is in a category, the more algorithm will be able to rank it better. Broader strokes can work but not as efficiently.


Use Attractive Thumbnails

No, not like click-bait, where you will try to draw the viewer’s attention by doing or showing something outrageous. But have thumbnails that will make the viewer become curious about what is being shown in the video. Thumbnails are essential to the click-through rate of your videos. You are, after all, making the first impression.


Avoid Wordy Titles

Titles are fine as long as they are a certain length. Wordy titles can make the viewer hesitate. And even the algorithm can detect longer titles. So, keep titles simple and have a keyword in them that you think will attract audiences.


Write Good Descriptions

Your video’s description is more important than you might think. The algorithm looks at the description and searches for keywords. These keywords can help your video rank in the recommended sections and other sections. So, learn some SEO trickery and make sure to keep your video descriptions nice and attractive.


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Take Advantage of the YouTube Algorithm to Grow Your Channel.


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