What do the Five of Wands Tarot Cards mean?

THE FIVE OF WANDS  is a tarot card that is part of what is known as the “Minor Arcana.”
Depending on which way it is pushed, it might signify either conflict and change or an internal struggle. Fives are frequently associated with struggle and change in the Tarot.

According to Tarot, the Five of Wands “indicates that you are in the middle of struggle, tension, and rivalry with others, and it is affecting your capacity to go forward with your goals.”

The following are some of the terms that are often connected with the Five of Wands:

  • When you pick the card, it urges you to take a “energetic attitude to change,” and it might mean that your duty is to figure up a clear plan and goal for dealing with the original disagreement.
  • It can symbolise a conflict or competition in the workplace in terms of love and relationships, and it can also represent a conflict or rivalry in terms of one’s profession.
  • When the card is drawn backwards, it becomes more personal.
  • When the Five of Wands is reversed, it usually indicates that you are having internal struggle and are unsure of what to do or where you stand.

The Five of Wands reversed can also symbolise one’s difficulties with addressing confrontation

  • In terms of love and relationships, it might symbolise the end of disputes, conflict, or fighting, and in terms of one’s job, it might indicate the end of workplace strife or rivalry.
  • When the card comes, you’ll see five distinct wands, some of which are being used as weapons by five different men.

The wands symbolise a variety of backgrounds and belief systems and are frequently resembled in such a manner that they cannot find common ground with one another.

The image changes based on the deck:

  • The Fool card represent a free spirit, innocence, spontaneity and Beginning.

  • The Magician card for manifestation, resourcefulness and  power.

  • The High Priestess represent divine feminine, sacred knowledge and intuition.

The High Priestess

  • The Empress card represent Femininity, beauty and nature.

The Empress

  • The Emperor card authority, establishment and structure.

  • The Hierophant represent spiritual wisdom.

The Hierophant

  • The Lovers card for love, harmony and relationships.
  • The Chariot represents control, willpower and success.
  • Justice card for truth, law and fairness.
  • Strength card represent strength, courage and influence.
  • The Hermit card for inner guidance and soul searching.
  • Wheel of Fortune represents good luck, karma and life cycles.
  • The Hanged Man represent pause, surrender and let go.
  • Death card for  change, transitions and endings.
  • Temperance card represent balance, moderation and patience.
  • The Devil card for shadow self, addiction and restriction.
  • The Tower represent sudden change, chaos and upheaval.
  • The Star card represent hope, faith, purpose, and spirituality.
  • The Moon represent fear, anxiety and  illusion.
  • The Sun card represent positivity, fun, warmth and success .
  • Judgment represent rebirth and inner calling.
  • The World card represent travel, accomplishment and completion.


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