11 Cool Presents For Dog Parents

11 Cool Presents For Dog Parents

Pet parenting is an art. You must know someone who is crazy for their pet. Pets are not just stray animals or fancy creatures bought from shops, they are very much alive with their unique ability to sense intention. Pets turn into a family in no time. You may have come across peers who are way too possessive about their pets. There is nothing wrong with showing affection towards animals, it is said that the way someone treats their pets becomes a reflection of their character. These were obvious facts about pets that everyone already knows. Now let’s talk about dog parents. 

Dogs are unpaid therapists with 4 legs and fur. You can’t help but fall for their cheery nature and candid eyes. If you ever feel socially isolated, get yourself a dog. It will be the constant company anyone could ask for. If you happen to know any proud dog parents and want to give them something for say Christmas, their birthday, or any other occasion here is a list of a few items that will make them happy. Since dog parents are pretty much obsessed with dogs, articles that are for furry angels will surely amaze them. 

1. Custom made paw themed cake 

Cakes are one of the best presents with delectable taste and awesome design. Order from an online cake store to choose from a range of adorable designs and you are all set to surprise your friend with an exclusive dog-themed cake. 

2. A super feeding bowl

Gift a super feeding bowl with temperature control and timer facility. It will maintain the coolness of water or warmth of food and comes with an easy timer system to prevent furry mates from devouring down their meals before time. It comes in handy when you are stuck at work and have to prepare the pet’s food beforehand. 

3. Matching sweaters for the holiday season

Comfy and vibrant handwoven matching sweaters for the dog parent and the dog is a thoughtful gift especially ahead of the Christmas holiday. Let your friend and his/her beat the chilly winds down in style. 

4. A paw print engraved pendant

Jewelry is a timeless gift and if you can get a distinct design that coincides with the taste of the receiver you will succeed in giving the most memorable gift. Simple everyday wear pendants engraved with paw prints look stylish and make great gifts. 

5. Adorable chew toys

Canines and their penchant for chewing! If you know someone distressed by their pet’s uncontrollable chewing habits, get them adorable dog-friendly chew toys as gifts. 

6. Dog essential organizer travel kit

Traveling with pets can be tiring especially the packing part where one has to pack numerous dig essentials just for one day trip! Get your friend an essential organizer travel kit to boost their traveling spree. 

7. Dog tent

A dog tent provides an excellent playing area and flawless does the job of keeping the dog away from expensive furniture. 

8. Pup themed mobile case cover

Give a branded puppy theme mobile case cover to your friend. Make sure you know the exact model before buying because wild guess hardly works in such scenarios. 

9. Stress-relieving coloring book full of dogs

Colouring books can calm people down with simple coloring exercises. Give coloring books full of adorable dogs and puppies for extra relief for the proclaimed dog lover. 

10. Puppy themed pillow to revamp the interior

Fluffy pillows to decorate the sitting area are a nice gift alternative, especially if they come in adorable dog patterns. 

11. Dog-friendly baked cookies 

Like online cake delivery, pet-friendly cookie shops are known for baking and delivering nutritious cookies for canine friends which are healthy and come in quirky treat shapes. 



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