What Causes Dark Lips?

Here’s the reason for Dark Lips

Lifestyle Causes for Dark Lips

One of the most typical reasons for dark lips is smoking. Nevertheless, dark lips are also generated when the skin delivers extra melanin—hyperpigmentation of the lips.

 Medical Bases For Dark Lips

Medical illnesses such as anemia, chemotherapy, and a lack of specific vitamins can also result in dark lips. In addition, certain medications like antimalarial tablets or the antibiotic minocycline can induce pigmentation.

And if you are here, I know you’re facing a lip-darkening problem. It can be caused by many issues that are here we have some natural lip scrub for dark lips.

How To Lighten Dark Lips?

Moisturize Your Lips With Lip Balm

​Using lip balm, preferably with a high SPF, can lighten dark lips. Lip balms also keep the lips moistened, preventing them from shading added. Use a lip balm to the point you touch your lips and are parching up. It can be used for several periods a day.

Use Sun Block

Always use sunscreen whether you are outside or indoors. Make sure you use it liberally on your lips to control the sun’s UV rays from driving hyperpigmentation.

Exfoliate Your Lips

To lighten the shade of your lips, you can gently clean them with an exfoliator. You can even meet your own by mixing tiny love and sugar to remove the dead skin of the lips.

Medical Therapies

Laser treatments or the use of acid are your choices for treating dark lips. These work by preventing the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin. They may not deliver lasting results, though, and may not be safe. 

These medications can cause side results like scarring, skin irritation, and even nerve harm. In addition, according to specialists, in expansion, leather lightening formulations may have mercury as an element, showing other health concerns.

Damp With Glycerine

Glycerine moistens the lips’ thin skin, maintaining it flexible and soft. When mixed with lemon juice and operated, it empties dead partitions and lightens the lip color. Glycerine also prevents skin from skinning and breaking.

Natural Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Lips

  • Analyses show that aloe vera gel includes a melanin inhibiting factor. Using fresh aloe vera gel on your lips and cleaning it off when it dries up may help.
  • You can apply a   few drops of added virgin coconut oil or olive oil to your lips.   This choice hydrates the lips and, over time, helps lower the dark color. Even involving mustard oil double a day will help.
  • Besides consuming cucumbers,  juicing them and involving the sap can also assist relieve the looks of dark lips. You can do the same with solid beetroot paste. Behind washing off, use some lip balm.
  • Mix a few drops of rose moisture with a teaspoon of honey; apply several moments a day and depart overnight.
  • A paste of almonds and mint lotion used and left on as a mask can even help relieve dark lips.

You can make your lip mask and involve it in your lips to little lighten your color. You need to ensure you are not sensitive skin to any of the ingredients used:


Turmeric contains curcumin which can stop or decrease melanin production, thereby assisting in skin lightening. Make a milk and turmeric powder paste, and apply it to your lips. Rest it on for five to ten minutes, then rinse off. Pat dry and apply moisturizer or lip balm.

Strawberry Mask

You can mix a full hand of strawberries with a pair of teaspoons of baking soda. Blend into a paste and use it on your lips before you sleep. This mask may assist lighten the unclear color of your lips.

​Pomegranate Mask

Investigations have shown that pomegranates’ components may help lighten skin color. For instance, you can paste one tablespoon of pomegranate grains with one teaspoon of rose water and one tablespoon of mint cream. Then, apply a mask on your lips till your lip tint gets lighter.

Achieving Pink Lips – DOs & DON’Ts

  • Diet

Avoid the drinking of too much caffeine through coffee or caffeinated drinks. They also dehydrate you,  which can lead to lip-darkening. Instead,  include water-rich foods such as melons and cucumbers in your diet.

  • Avoid Smoking

Besides all the health problems that smoking also causes, dark lips are also the primary visible damage caused by cigarettes. So to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke or quit altogether.

  • Hydration

Drinking tons of water and staying hydrated at all times goes a long way in controlling and changing dark lips. Conversely, lack of water can impact the blood flow to your lips, making them darker.

  • Select The Right Chemicals

Be serious while choosing lipsticks, lip gloss, or even lip creams. Some of the chemicals in lipsticks and lip balm and glosses can make lips go dark and darker. Play right and safe and opt for trusted brands or those that use many natural ingredients. Do not choose cheap products.

  • Always Clear your Makeup Before You Sleep

Don’t ever hit the cushion before dismissing it if you wear makeup regularly. Rather, make it a point to take it off totally and completely and wash your face of any remaining traces. The chemical remains in color makeups can cause and affect the skin and, over time, darken the lips.

  • Change Your Toothpaste

If you think the fluoride in your toothpaste is pushing your lips to go dark, you may think of switching your brand to one that uses more natural ingredients and more irregular chemicals.

  • Wrapping Up with

Pigmented lips are a standard condition encountered by women all over the world. However, they can be controlled with a bit of care and attention. If you already have dark lips, you can adopt one or more of the above remedies to restore them to their unblemished pink color.







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