Ideas to Make Money on YouTube without Using your Face

Suppose you think that the only way of earning money through YouTube is to upload videos by showing your face when you are completely wrong. The reason for this is that YouTube is a global platform where you can make videos about anything under the policies and guidelines of YouTube. There are many ideas about videos that can upload where you do not have to show your face. You can still make money.

Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at how to make money with faceless videos on YouTube.


⦁ Anonymous Tutorial videos

Suppose you are not aware of the fact that YouTube is the second most used search engine where people learn about a process in detail. In this case, tutorial videos are very popular where people like to follow certain steps to do something and count on YouTube to search for – and find – and practical and straightforward tutorials.
When it comes to tutorial videos, you are free to choose any topic in which a step-by-step procedure is provided. The process explains in many ways, which is through texts, videos, and also some examples. There are many ways in which tutorial videos are created that are up to your creativity and uniqueness. This will not be a problem for you because you do not have to face reveal on a global platform.

⦁ How to do videos

As we have mentioned earlier, YouTube is the second most used platform where people search for how to do something. This provides you with an excellent opportunity where you can provide a procedure for doing something in detail. This is quite similar to tutorial videos. How to do videos is easier to make, as compared to tutorial videos

You just have to pick a random topic where there is not abundant data available, and you will see the views flowing. This is called keyword research and you should later check it out. But, as other people are doing already, you also can make a decent amount of money by uploading. How-to videos without face revealing on a global platform like YouTube.

⦁  Unboxing videos

If you are not aware of unboxing videos, then this is the one for you. As the name suggests, unboxing videos are nothing but a video where new things are unboxed on camera. The video which is recorded is then edited professionally so it attracts more viewers. There is no need for you to reveal your face as the unboxing video is fully focused on an item that is going to be unboxed. It provides you with an upper hand where you just have to sharpen your editing skills which will help you to attract more viewers to your account, with stuff like graphics, good music, camera angles, and cuts.
Top tip: unboxing videos are very popular where you can unbox new things which are newly launched in the market. Therefore, you can try out unboxing videos where you do not have to show your face. You can earn money through it.

⦁ Top videos

Honestly, when it comes to videos, voice is more important than face. So, you don’t need a face, all you need is a voice when it comes to curiosity or top videos. And as always great editing to make the video more engaging. A top video is a video where you make a script about a topic or collect some best of (example, top 5 planes), and then you record your voice. You then edit the video together with voice, music, and footage that describes what you are saying.
It sounds like a lot of work but actually is not once you learn the workflow. But, if you are a bit lazy like me, then you can also just get the ideas and let someone do the job. My favorite and cheapest ways are either Fiverr freelancer (you need to pick single people and build your team) or content creation service from Lenostube, where basically they do all the stuff for you, including gathering licensed music and footage, while you simply need to tell your video titles.

These are some of the most common ways in which you can earn money on YouTube without showing your face. There are many other ways like uploading animation videos, attractive edits, and the latest news videos, as long as you use a voice. It will be easier than you thought to make money without showing your face on the most popular global video platform, which is YouTube.


We hope that the article will provide you with the necessary information. Let us know how your faceless video journey goes.


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