Send Free Singing Birthday Telegrams Over the Phone With BirthdayDialer


It is now possible to send free singing birthday ecards with Sendwishonline ecards, bringing your greeting cards in line with the 21st century. There is a wide array of ecards that allow you to send your friends and family a fun card on their big day to let them know you are thinking about them. You can look forward to surprising your loved ones and family members with a personal singing birthday card. Sending birthday wishes with a happy birthday ecard from our extensive collection of ecards that sing Happy Birthday’s  is a great way to add a personal touch to your birthday wishes.

When you open a Sendwish online birthday card, you will hear celebratory birthday songs that play when the card is opened. A fun and memorable greeting card will be sent to your recipient’s inbox bearing a special message that is customized for them. There are hundreds of free ecards to choose from, so you will easily find the perfect one on our site for your son, daughter, husband, and everyone else that makes your life worth living.

Birthday Wishes through a dialler medium

You want to send someone a birthday card, but you are scrambling now because you waited until the last minute and now you have run out of time. There are also times when you’re on a budget and you didn’t realize the cost of birthday cards or the length of time it would take to send a card by mail, or you didn’t realize how much time it would take.

If you don’t have a birthday card on hand, how will you show your appreciation? Happy birthday, songs can be sent via ecards or text messaging services.


When you want to experience something completely different in terms of features, then Sendwishonline is the right place to visit. Among our amazing features, we also offer animated electronic greeting cards with songs and simple online greeting cards that are eye-catching and possess a stunning design with vibrant colors. The group greetings ecards which we offer can accommodate unlimited signatures under the condition that the wish is added to the card but the signature is not. A real animation touch can be added with GIFs and stickers. It is the fancy and font styles on the cards that are the most important features of the cards. Changing the font color is one of the easiest tasks you can do. Furthermore, it is very convenient that all of these cards can be sent through options such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Customizable musical cards

Rather than spending money on buying birthday cards in advance, you can create free birthday cards yourself by using slick, free websites such as Sendwishonline. It is a valuable selling point of this application that users can customize templates to make cards that are truly unique to themselves.

Pick a card design and upload a picture if you want, then you are ready to create a card. Make any necessary changes to the font, colors, or music, and then save your design. It is then possible to share the card either via social media or by email.

Email or Facebook are good options for sending happy birthday telegrams. Additionally, you have the option of deleting any custom cards that are already in your library, as well as adding your photos on a blank card if you wish.

How to set your cards for different occasions

If you love gifts, you can send ecards to those you want to enliven the spirits of: Give your mother a beautiful card of her favorite flowers, create a fun greeting for your kid, or sing in a funny card for your best friend!

In addition to its drag-and-drop functionality, Sendwish user-friendly ecards creation tool allows you to include your pictures to make your ecards more personalized and one-of-a- kind.

Through a Wishboards

If you prefer to send birthday greetings online, another option is to send a birthday’s free of charge, which can be accomplished through a birthday wishboard that has unlimited signatures and song diallers that are unique to birthday cards. You will especially appreciate the free ecards if you want to send just one card to someone.

Why send through Telegrams

Telegram provides many recipients of various websites with the opportunity to send a song card, which makes it a great option for sending an animated song card. A telegram can be sent much more easily than you might think if you send it as an ecard. Today the majority of people use telegrams to send free ecards and animated songs to their loved ones.


Having said that, I think sending an ecard or birthday message via phone has its benefits, depending on who it is you are sending it to-but if you are looking for a free, fast and cheap card, they can help you. You can celebrate your loved one’s birthday online by visiting these sites, such as sendwishonline if you would like to celebrate their birthday beyond sending a card.


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